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All quiet on the western front

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World War 1
Critical thinking questions
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Critical thinking questions

Critical thinking questions



1.      What war is going on in the story? And in what country is the war taking place?

2.      Who is the Antagonist of the story?

3.      Who is the main character and narrator?

4.      What is his significance to the war? And what were his emotions and opinions towards fighting in the war?

5.      What is the main reason that Paul and his group of friends decided to enlist in the army and fight in the war?

6.      What is the name of the cook? And why is he always so grumpy and stingy about serving the leftover food to the men?

7.      Who is Kantorek? And what role does he play in the war?



8.      What epiphany about the war and it’s affect on his life does Paul have?

9.      Why are the men of the platoon hateful towards Corporal Himmelstoss and yet they are grateful to him at the same time?

10. Why do Paul and his friends feel like “veterans” when the new recruits arrive to the training camp?

11. Why did Tjaden hold a grudge against Corporal Himmelstoss?

12. What did Tjaden do to seek his revenge?



13.  What does Paul immediately think when he sees Himmelstoss hiding in the dugout?

14.  How does Himmelstoss try to make amends with the men after experiencing the horror of the front?

15.  Why does Paul feel strange when he arrives home and is surrounded by normal people?

16.  What bad news does Paul come home to? (About his mother and the town).

17.  What disease does Paul’s mother have?



18. What embarrassment does one of the new recruits suffer when he is first exposed to trench warfare?

19.  Who is the first soldier to receive Kemmerich's boots?

20.  What punishment do Tjaden and Kropp receive for insubordination to Himmelstoss?

21.  What occupation did the Frenchman that Paul kills hold?

22. What year did Paul die?



23. What was the significance of the date of his death?

24.  What year did the war end?

25.  Did any of the men (Out of Paul and his friends) survive?

26.  What does the spirit of Kantorek represent?

27. Why does Remarque tell this story from the point of view of one of the young soldiers experiencing the war?


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