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All quiet on the western front

World War 1

History of World War I 


World War I was started in 1914-1918, it was the most miserable battle ever, it destroyed the whole world and the people were involved in the world war one, it destroyed their life, and separated them for the family like: their wife and children. And also it damaged the economy of the whole world, and also the countries and the soldier who were joined in the war. World conflict 1914-1918; started by an Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to the Serbs, which brought Russia in on the side of the Slavic Serbs; devastating for Russia in terms of manpower, arms, land, and politics. Also the battle of the Verdun stated in February-December 1916; A German attack, led by General “Falkenhayn, on the small fortress town of Verdun in northeast France, which resulted in some of the bloodiest fighting of the entire war”. Germans outnumbered the French considerably, but the French back lines of defenses held for nine months. Also the battle of Marne was started in the 6-10 September 1914; the Battle of the Somme begin in July 1916; British offensive to gain control of this river basin, resulting in over 400,000 British deaths; combined with German deaths, count increases to one million; British succeeded in gaining only about seven miles of territory. Also at that period of time there were some other wars that happen, like: Battle of Tannenberg, Battle of Jutland, Battle of Gallipoli, and etc. But one of the most horrible one was Battle of Verdun one of the worst battles of World war One, Verdun exemplified the war of attrition pursued by both sides. By the winter of 1915-16 German General Erich von Falkenhayn was convinced that the war could only be won in the west. So “he decided on a massive attack on a French position for the retention of which the French command would be compelled to throw in every man they have!” Britain would be fighting alone on the Western Front. Falkenhayn targeted the town of Verdun and its surrounding forts. They threatened German lines of communication and lay within a French salient, restricting their defenders. A Gallic fortress before roman times and later a key asset in wars against Prussia, Falkenhayn also knew that the French would throw as many men as necessary into its defence, enabling him to inflict the maximum possible casualties. He massed artillery to the north and east of Verdun to pre-empt the infantry advance with intensive artillery bombardment. Although French intelligence had warned of his plans, these warnings were ignored by the French Command. Verdun was utterly unprepared for the initial bombardment on the morning of 21 February 1916. they Germans continued in June, but slowly. They attacked the heights along the Meuse and took Fort Vaux on 7 June. On 23 Jun they almost reached the Belleville heights, the last stronghold before Verdun itself. Falkenhayn was replaced by Hindenburg as Chief of General Staff and Petain become a hero, eventually replacing General Nivelle as French Commander in chief.