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All quiet on the western front

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Character analysis
Paul Baumer- Paul is a young German soldier during world war one. He is the main character, the protagonist of the book. He feels he has wasted his life fighting in the war. Before the war Paul was a completely different person. He was a man that loved and wrote poetry, but he later learns that the only way to maintain your sanity during the war is to disengage from your emotions. However, Paul almost goes insane every time he sees a man dies in trenches. One by one he sees his friends die in the trenches. This was making it very difficult for him to get through the war. Paul makes it through most of the great battles, but unfortunately he dies in October of 1918, which was a month before peace was declared. (Wayne)
(”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles.”)
Joseph Behm- Joseph was a classmate of Paul’s before the war started. At first he was very hesitant to join the army because he was scared he was going to die, but he is eventually talked into joining. However he dies at the beginning of the war. (Wayne)
Lieutenant Bertinck- Lieutenant Bertinck was considered a legend to the soldiers under his command. Bertinck was the commander of the second regiment. He had been fighting in the war for tow years straight without being wounded. However in the summer of 1918 he dies a heroic death. (Wayne)
Detering- Detering was a farmer that had enlisted into the army for all the wrong reasons. Being an animal lover he was very angry at the fact that the army used horses in the war. Detering wants to fight in the war, but he eventually becomes very paranoid about his wife running the farm on her own. He got so worried that it made him abandons the war and army get to his farm, but he gets caught by officials. (Wayne)
(”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles.”)
Gérard Duval- Duval was a French soldier that Paul kills. During one of the battles in the trenches Paul was hiding in a shell hole and when Gérard happens to fall in the same shell hole Paul Stabs him when he was about to attack Paul. Little does Paul know that this man had a family. (Wayne)
Ginger- Ginger is the cook of Paul’s regiment. He is a very mean cook and always waits till the food gets cold to serve it to the soldiers. Obviously none of the soldiers like him at all. (Wayne)
Josef Hamacher- Josef is a wounded soldier at the hospital that Paul meets. (Wayne)
Corporal Himmelstoss- Himmelstoss is a recruit trainer at the training camp for new recruits. He was also the person that trained Paul and his friends when they were recruited, however they didn’t like him because he insulted them often. At the beginning of the story appears to be a long time war hero that is afraid of nothing, not even death, but in the first battle that Paul fights with him, Paul immediately figures him out. During that particular battle Paul discovers that Himmelstoss is nothing but a fake and a coward when he sees Himmelstoss run and hide during the battle. However this improves the relationship between him and Paul’s friends because now Himmelstoss knew what it was like on the trenches. (Wayne)
(”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles.”)
Kantorek- Kantorek is the inspiration of Paul and his friends that causes them to enlist and join the army. Kantorek was the schoolmaster that talked to everyone in the classes to join, this included Paul and his friends. Kantorek has a huge impact over the students he talks to especially Paul. Kantorek gives up his job as a schoolmaster to enlist into the army. (Wayne)
Stanislaus Katczinsky (“Kat”) - Kat was one of Paul’s best friends during the war and before the war. He was very handy because of his sixth sense where he could always find food anywhere he was no matter what. Being forty years old, Kat was the oldest out of all of Paul’s friends in the war. However Kat dies a horrible death in 1918 by a shin and head injury. (Wayne)
Franz Kemmerich- One of Paul’s closest friends Kemmerich was very afraid of being killed during the war. He was also afraid of amputation. However after a horrible battle one of kemmerich’s legs had to be amputated and he eventually died. (Wayne)
Albert Kropp- Kropp was one of Paul’s closest friends. He and Paul were always hanging out with each other all the time. One of Kropp’s legs are amputated and he is sent home on early release. (Wayne)
Leer- Leer was one of Paul’s closest friends. Leer was very young and had much experience with women. He also had a beard that made him seem older. (Wayne)
(”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles.”)
Müller- Muller was actually a smart soldier that had hopes and dreams of using his knowledge one day for something other than killing another man, but he is shot in the stomach and dies a gruesome death. (Wayne)
Tjaden- Tjaden is a soldier in the second regiment with Paul. He was probably one of the thinnest men in his regiment; ironically he had the biggest appetite. (Wayne)
Haie Westhus- Westhus is another soldier in Paul’s regiment. Westhus hated his job that he had out of the army, which is why he joined in the first place. He eventually dies in battle. (Wayne)
Paul's mother- Paul’s mother is sick with a disease during the war. She does her best to take care of her son Paul every time he comes home. She is a kind woman that loves her son. (Wayne)
(”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles.”)
Lewandowski- He is the oldest soldier in the army that is injured and in the hospital. (Wayne)
(”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles.”)
Mittlestaedt- He is a former student of Kantorek that when he gets Power over Kantorek he takes advantage of his old school master. (Wayne)                                 (”Novel Guide: All Quiet on the Western Front Character Profiles